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"13 Reasons Why" an opportunity for parents to discuss difficult topics with their kids.

​“13 Reasons Why,” a teen novel by Jay Asher and popular Netflix program, is spreading like wildfire and is being read and watched by tweens and teens everywhere. While it is fiction, the topics of teen drinking, bullying, sexual assault and suicide, that are front and center in "13 Reasons Why”, are very real and no laughing matter.

As a parent and lower school guidance counselor, I encourage parents to talk to their children about the book and program. Many kids including elementary, middle school and high school students have been exposed to "13 Reasons Why" and this can become an opportunity for parents to have conversations about these serious topics.

There are many good blogs online about "13 Reasons Why" to help parents explore the topic and decide how to approach this with their children. Attached is a link to a blog by a school guidance counselor that highlights some concerning aspects of the series. 13 Reasons Why Blog

“13 Reasons Why” reinforces my purpose for creating Guru Girls Yoga. Our program provides a safe, supervised environment where girls can explore and identify their own values and be mindful of how those values will be challenged as they grow and navigate middle school and high school. Yoga and mindfulness are two effective tools that girls can use to fortify themselves. Guru Girls Yoga considers it a privilege to work with young girls to equip them with the skills to move through life with confidence, self-acceptance and resilience.

Guru Girls Yoga programs are offered afterschool during the school year and through Summer Camps. Please go to for more information or to register for these programs.


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